Ginerva Harmony deKitty Bast le winged cat goddess (winged_anew) wrote in to_entertain_me,
Ginerva Harmony deKitty Bast le winged cat goddess

Le moddy here: I'm bored and I'm gonna do the app..because I can. Without getting rated. Woo!!

Name- Ginerva Harmony deKitty Bast le winged cat goddess ... Virginia
-Age- 15
-Location- KY
-Sexuality- I have the best of both worlds
-Top FIVE bands/musical peoples, in order please-
1) Guns n Roses
2) Bright Eyes
3) Madonna
4) The Cure
5) MSI

-Favorite song- "Every Thug Needs A Lady" by Alkaline Trio or "Wild Horses" by The Sundays

-Favorite book, and why- Anything by Francesca Lia Block will do because she is such an amazing writer. Her words are lyrical.

-Favorite quote- "Walk the thin line between pleasure and pain". Take a wild guess.

-Say something funny- Girl one: That is wack! Girl two: Wiggedy wack? Girl one: No, the regular kind.


-Bush- His views are not mine in the least. I am pro-gay marriage and anti-death penalty for the most part. He bothers me because he's a fucking moron. He dropped his dog on his head, for Christ's sake! Mrawr!

-Gay rights- All for them. Love is love, and you can't put a standard on something that precious.

-Animal rights- I abhore the way many animals (in particular, animals turned to food) are treated. For this reason, I am a vegetarian.

-Abortion- I'm pro-life unless in cases of incest or it endangers the mother or babies life. Period.

-Conan (careful, precious)- No opinion to be given. Sorry Meagan.

-Welfare- Too many people using it to sit on their asses. It's a nice concept but sometimes too easy.

-Hilary Duff- She annoys the piss out of me. Her voice makes me cringe. She can't sing worth shit. Her little "I'm a punk" phase pisses me off. Can you tell she pisses me off? I think so.

-This community- Too fucking inactive. Wonderful concept, unique, spiffy mods if I do say so myself...but no one promotes and that irks me. Promote, bitches.


-Coke or Pepsi- COKE!
-Ashlee or Jessica- Ashlee. Very hawt.
-Me or you- You
-Cookies or brownies- Brownies!!
-Conan or Jay- Dun't curr.
-Anjelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman- Angie. That woman is a goddess.

-Why do you find yourself entertaining?- I'm amusing to watch. I make funny noises randomly. I tell good jokes.

-Entertain the hell out of me, right now...- Look up "Sipping Vodka joke" on yahoo search.

-Post 3 or more *entertaining* pictures of yourself. (This community does not judge on looks, but I would like to see who you are, mkay?)- Don't feel like it.

-How did you find to_entertain_me? (specific usernames wanted on who promoted please)- I'm the mod.

-Promote us to one community or 3 journals and give the link(s). If you do not do this you will not be allowed to join.- I promote daily.
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