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Are you entertaining or just worthless crap?
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This is a rating community for entertaining people. So, if you're both entertaining and looking for other entertaining people to cure some serious boredom, you may be interesting in applying. You will be judged on your application alone. We do request pictures, but you will not be judged on your appearance.


1. All stamped members must put 'stamped' or something like that in the subject line of their posts.

2. Stay active. If one of the mods see that you aren't voting, we'll kick you off. You can re-apply within a week. if it happens again YOU'RE BANNED.

3. When applying DO NOT reply to comments (whether they be yes or no) unless you are asked a question by one of the members. This makes it easier to tally votes.

4. All members will put their vote in the subject line of comments. This should not be new to you.

5. The mods have the power to over-rule all of you. We enjoy this power.

6. Once you have been accepted you can post anything from what you did this weekend to poetry to whatever else.

7. If you want to promote here it's OK as long as you promote this community there as well...and I will check. Failure to do so will result in you getting kicked out.

8. Be honest. Don't tell them that they should go kill themselves with blunt razors or something idiotic like that...but don't sugar coat. if they suck it's ok to say, "YOU REALLY SUCK!" as long as you give a couple of reasons why.

9. When applying, put "Chocolate covered Angelina" in the subject line...this way I know you've read the rules.

10. We won't kick your ass if you have bad spelling, we all do it...but please be considerate of the fact that my BIGGEST pet peeve is crappy grammar. so if i c u tlkin lyk dis ill prolly ban u witout da chance of gettin bak in. OKIE DOKIE?

11. There will be a theme monthly...please participate. We won't blame you for missing one or two, but do try and do the themes.

12. DO NOT post if you have not been accepted. If you do, I will ban you.

13. All members must post an application, even if you're one of the first ten who automatically get in. This gives me and other members a chance to get to know you better.

Promotion banners:


-Top FIVE bands/musical peoples, in order please-
-Favorite song-
-Favorite book, and why-
-Favorite quote-
-Say something funny-


-Gay rights-
-Animal rights-
-Conan (careful, precious)-
-Hilary Duff-
-This community-


-Coke or Pepsi-
-Ashlee or Jessica-
-Me or you-
-Cookies or brownies-
-Conan or Jay-
-Anjelina Jolie or Nicole Kidman-

-Why do you find yourself entertaining?-
-Entertain the hell out of me, right now...-

-Post 3 or more *entertaining* pictures of yourself. (This community does not judge on looks, but I would like to see who you are, mkay?)-
-How did you find to_entertain_me? (specific usernames wanted on who promoted please)-
-Promote us to one community or 3 journals and give the link(s). If you do not do this you will not be allowed to join.-

Your lovely moderators are...pinched and midniteaura25.

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